Slide on Flange specifications

 Provided for rapid assembly of cross joints.

* Permanently flexible non-dry sealant injected into the profile during manufacture.

*Available in standard metric sizes of 30 & 35mm

*Choice of material types and gauges to suit specifications and requirements.

*Full range of accessories to suit all sizes of flange.

  • Suitable for HVCA specification Joint Ratings up to J5 and pressure classes A, B and C.
  • Experts Mate Z275 g galvanized coating to steel, and will not crack post installation.


E-Mate Profile

During the manufacturing process airtightness is ensured  by the inclusion of non-dry sealant.

Material Specification  Flange Profiles  EXPERTS-MATE

British Standard BS EN 10142:2000 steel grade & coating.  Specification EN 10142 DX51D N-A-C Integral sealant,  solvent free permanently non dry sealant.

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