Eastern Experts

Provides A Total Solution For Ductworks Fabrication

 Eastern Experts has been designing, manufacturing and installing Air Ducts for over 10 years, throughout the Kingdom to provide complete turnkey solutions for commercial, Residential, institutional, and industrial customers both large and small.

 Eastern Experts engineers have experience to ensure quality is not compromised with the most difficult installations and has its own sheet metalwork shop with qualified Team.


To provide the highest quality design, manufacturing and installation for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment, the highest quality service, and to always be on time for delivering the products.


To broaden our Air Ducts Manufacturing into the whole Gulf Region, with the best quality of products that follow and abide all the international and national rules and standards. Eastern Experts cultivates long-lasting relationship with customers through dedicated effort to keep high sense of customer valuing. And with all that We can be the best regional manufacturer in the field of HVAC.


Rectangular Ducts

  • Straight rectangular duct
  • Radius elbow
  • Radius elbow with splitter vanes
  • Radius elbow with square throat
  • Straight take off
  • Take off 45°
  • Offset
  • Eccentric reducer
  • Concentric reducer
  • Rectangular to round
  • Y-Branch
  • Side branch
  • Plenum box for slot diffuser
  • Plenum box for supply diffuser
  • Splitter damper single blade
  • Splitter damper aero foil blade
  • Access door
  • Volume Damper ( Round )
  • Flexible duct connector
  • Round Volume Control Dampers
  • Sand Trap Louvers
  • Acoustical Panels
  • Rectangular Sound Attenuator
  • Distributors


Slide on Flange specifications

  • Provided for rapid assembly of cross joints.
  • Permanently flexible non-dry sealant injected into the profile during manufacture.
  • Available in standard metric sizes of 30 & 35mm
  • Choice of material types and gauges to suit specifications and requirements.
  • Full range of accessories to suit all sizes of flange.
  • Suitable for HVCA specification Joint Ratings up to J5 and pressure classes A, B and C.
  • Experts Mate Z275 g galvanized coating to steel, and will not crack post installation.


E-Mate Profile

During the manufacturing process airtightness is ensured  by the inclusion of non-dry sealant.

Material Specification

Flange Profiles

British Standard BS EN 10142:2000 steel grade & coating.  Specification EN 10142 DX51D N-A-C Integral sealant,  solvent free permanently non dry sealant.


E-Mate Corners

E-mate corner profiles are available and  manufactured from Galvanized iron as per  the following thicknesses

Our Facility

 Using modern and top quality machines and equipment in manufacturing     and fabrication of Air Ducts, We are able to manufacture very large

 quantities of air ducts as per required demand.

 EE are maintaining high standards of

 safety and quality Assurance.


Our machines originally manufactured and imported from UK and Switzerland and maintained by the same manufacturer to ensure continuous quality.



The ADF machine, a Firmac machine imported straight from the UK, meets the needs of many in the duct industry with its versatility in coil selection whether size of gauge or width or combination of the two. Its comprehensive flattening station ensures not only levels the sheets for duct forming on the machine, but also plain sheets for the production of fittings off line for plasma cutting – minimum Duct Size 100x 100mm.


For the usage of ducts in high, medium and low pressure applications, the ducts are seamed better and faster for the best efficiency using the Nu-Loc Machine from Firmac, UK, which will seam the duct in one pass for different thicknesses.

SOFL Machine

 The Side on Flange Line (SOFL) Machine made by Firmac UK, produces slide on flange for duct transverse joints. This machine requires minimal operator involvement and automates the process, making it more accurate. It produces post cut lengths complete with Non Dry Sealant injection.

Auto Flanger

 The Auto Flanger with Auto Guide machine (by Firmac UK) forms right angled flanges using a spring loaded follower roll and height pin the autoguide ensures that a consistent height flange is produced on straight or contoured components.

Free Standing Powered Guillotine

 The free standing Guillotine Machine is a rigid steel fabrication designed to provide accuracy, reliability, versatility and safety when cutting galvanized mild steel as well as a wide range of non‐ferrous metals.

Hand Swaging Machine

 The Hand Swagging Machine made by Firmac UK, is a versatile forming tool, with interchangeable rolls, for the manual performance of numerous sheet and metal operations such as grooving.

Pittsburgh Rollformer

 Unlike many machines, the Pittsburgh Rollformer with double rolls made by Firmac UK, automates the process of forming a double seam, and incorporates automatic material gauge compensation which ensures the tight definition of the steel throughout the gauge range of 0.7mm to 1.6mm. It also forms ‘C’ Cleat tooling fitted as standard, and ‘S’Cleat (as standard) and Standing ‘S’ Cleat (as optional extra) profiles to complement the Drive Cleat profile enabling the unformed overlapping edges to be joined when making in line duct connections.


 The semi-automatic Foldmaster (made by SPIRO International, Switzerland) makes it fast and easy to close an already prepared Pittsburgh lock on bends and straight ducts at a speed of up to 15 meters/min, which makes the process faster, easier and more efficient.

Box and Pan Folding Machine

 The hydraulically powered Box and Pan Folder designed by Firmac UK, makes clamping, bending and folding of galvanised mild steel both effortless and quick to ensure the best quality of the product.

Square to Round Duct Former

 The Square to Round Duct Former, STR-750 produced by Firmac UK, has revolutionized square to round duct forming. Duct fittings can be made quickly and easily.

 This compact and versatile machine will form a square to round duct fitting in less than two minutes from one piece of metal, with only one join.

TRUMPF Machine

 The TRUMPF Machine manufactured by TRUMPF Canada, is ideal for closing Pittsburgh seams on straight or curved ducts. It will make the work better and more efiicient with the quick and quiet roll/glide process and achieve a tight connection.

CNC Plasma Machine

 The Computer Numerical Control Plasma Cutter Machine uses a plasma torch which is a commonly used tool for cutting metals for a wide variety of purposes. The plasma torch is carried and moved in a path directed by a computer; which makes the cutting very accurate.

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